#112 12″ x 9″ Custom Stencil



Event stencils are perfect for hands on interaction at festivals, awareness events, concerts, community gatherings, and more! The stencils can be printed and cut to your specific requirements. Designs, words, and logos can be used as a craft project or to decorate everything from clothing items to sports equipment. Can be applied on a variety of surfaces with spray chalk, markers, craft paint rollers or spray paint. Standard size is 9″ x 12″. If interested in another size, please inquire for pricing.

Color Options

  • Translucent


Price (A)$21.63$11.90$8.66$6.04$4.53$3.62$3.03$2.59$2.27

  • Price (A) includes .01" Mylar - Well-suited for multiple uses - flexible, durable